Insolvency law

Insolvency proceedings serve the enforcement of the liability of the insolvent entity and the best possible creditor satisfaction. Insolvency puts an end to the development of an economic and/or legal crisis. If one does not succeed in effectively and efficiently realising claims and restructuring a reorganisable business, there is the risk of a considerable destruction of value. It is the job of the insolvency administrator to ensure the best possible realisation of the insolvent entity’s assets. The insolvency administrators at Kilger & Fülleborn see themselves as reorganisation managers who restructure reorganisable businesses and put them back on the market. It goes without saying that existing legal claims are realised effectively for the creditors as a whole. The existing legal restructuring tools, such as, for example, the insolvency scheme proceedings and restructuring by transfer, are purposefully implemented in order not only to ensure highest creditor satisfaction but also to safeguard jobs for a long time.