In insolvency proceedings, the participants can expect the insolvency administrator to effectively pursue established claims, to achieve the best possible realisation of the insolvency assets and to restructure reorganisable entities. After determining and remedying the causes of the crisis, a successful reorganisation requires the turnaround to the model concept of the restructured business.


Continued operation throughout insolvency proceedings and restructuring by transfer.

CVJM Nordbund

Continued operation of a non-profit-making youth association with two large youth and adult educational centres. Restructuring of the educational and youth centres by transfer.

Geschi Brot Schiesser & Sohn

Liquidation of an industrial bakery with premises in several Federal States.

Herman Mint GmbH & Co. KG/Mineralöltransport Nord-West GmbH

Continued operation and restructuring by transfer of a large tank lorry transport company which supplied solely the petrol filling stations of ARAL, BP and Shell in the whole of North Germany (from Flensburg via Cologne to Dresden) without there being any disruption to deliveries.

Hotel Hof Reinstorf

Continued operation for several years and sale of an 80 room hotel in insolvency. During the period of continued operation, the restaurant belonged to the Top 200 restaurants.

Karl-Heinz Milbradt GmbH

Continued operation of a building company with nationwide operations, completing all building projects.

Kludt Metallbau GmbH

Continued operation of a company with premises in Hilden, Hamburg and Rostock followed by restructuring by transfer.

Konsumgenossenschaft Güstrow e.G.

Liquidation of one of the largest trading firms in the middle of Mecklenburg.

Krankenhaus Groß Sand

Preparation of a reorganisation plan and advising a church hospital in a turnaround process.

Kühlautomat Kälte- und Rohrleitungsmontagen GmbH

Continued operation for one year of a business with 3 sites at the shipbuilding yards in Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund, followed by restructuring by transfer.


Restructuring, reorganisation and transfer of one of the largest German Internet companies and EDP service providers with offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Chemnitz, Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich and with a work force of more than 400. Prospects of a proportional share for the creditors of over 70 %.

MS „MarCatania"

Like any other company, a ship from a reputable company can also experience choppy seas (MS “MarCatania”, built in a German yard, 1,687 TEU, around 1,900 limited partners). Such a situation calls for a “captain” who can react resolutely, who can take command, determine the course, introduce the required safety measures and ensure a lasting, asset-efficient economic coordinateness.

MS Charline

Insolvency administration of "MS Charline" GmbH & Co KG


Counselling an internationally active medium-sized enterprise on the insolvency of a supplier.

(N. N.)

Representation of the managing board chairman of a trading company and service provider during insolvency proceedings in his dealings with the insolvency administrator and suretyship creditors.


Counselling of well-known investors on the acquisition of large agricultural concern run as a GmbH (limited liability company).

Pluspunkt Marketing AG

Continued operation of a telemarketing company with 171 employees during insolvency proceedings and transfer of part of the company.

Reifen- und Autoservice Walper

Drawing up of a reorganisation concept followed by restructuring by transfer.


Liquidation of a renowned construction company with activities across Northern Germany and with a workforce of 90.

Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Continued operation of a manufacturer of ship steering gear with more than 100 employees.

Triton/Triton Belco GmbH

Continued operation of one of the largest housing technology companies with nationwide activities which previously had a turnover of 100 million EUR and the sale of individual branches.

VOLKSSOLIDARITÄT Sozialimmobilien-Fondsgesellschaften

Insolvency proceedings for 2 real estate investment companies each with over 1300 creditors.